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What is Get Maid?

Get Maid is an on-demand, premium maid service. Book instantly via our iPhone and Android apps or at GetMaid.com. Have a high-quality maid at your door within two hours or schedule up to one month in advance. It's charged directly to your credit card on file - tax, tip, and eco-friendly supplies included.

When is Get Maid available?

We're available 7 days a week. You can book on-demand 9:30am-6:00pm and have a maid at your door within two hours or schedule up to one month in advance for 8:00am-7:00pm. For our on-demand service, book a maid at 9:45am and someone will be there by 11:45am; or book at 5:50pm and someone will arrive by 7:50pm.

What type of cleaning services does Get Maid offer?

Get Maid was created to be incredibly flexible to your needs. Your maid can do a regular surface clean or a deep clean of any room or the entire apartment. Additionally, your maid can change sheets, clean dishes, wash and fold laundry, and help with light organizing. For laundry services, the machines must be in the apartment or building and you must provide detergent and coins/laundry card to operate the machines.  Simply go over what you're looking to have done when your maid arrives or add it to the special instructions section when booking.

Does Get Maid provide supplies?

Our cleaners carry all-natural supplies, such as glass and bathroom cleaner. All you need to provide is a vacuum, mop, broom, swiffer (any or all). 

How do I know if Get Maid is available in my area?

For now, we are available in Manhattan and select areas in Brooklyn and Queens.

Brooklyn: 11201, 11205, 11206, 11211, 11215, 11216, 11217, 11221, 11231, 11238, 11249
Queens: 11101, 11103, 11104, 11106, 11109

Don't see your zip here? Email us at help@getmaid.com and we'll work on it!

Can I book a clean in advance?

Yes. Get Maid offers both on-demand service and scheduled service. Schedule a clean up to one month in advance for 8:00am-7:00pm right from our latest apps or online.

Are Get Maid cleaners good? 

Every one of the cleaners we work with is extensively vetted before they are hired. We conduct interviews, test cleans, reference checks, and background checks on all cleaners.

Will I be guaranteed a maid?

We try to make sure that we always have enough maids in our system, but there may be the rare occasion that we don't have someone available when you need them. If this does happen, we'll contact you and give you the option of scheduling your next clean, or give you priority for the next available maid. Our hope and goal is that this never happens!

Does Get Maid have insurance?

Yes, Get Maid is bonded and insured.

Do I need to be home for my cleaning?

No, but your maid needs to be able to access your apartment. If you live in a doorman building, you can leave the key with the front desk so you don't have to be there at all. If you don't live in a doorman building, you can give us a copy of your keys using KeyMe. To share your keys with us:

  1. Download the KeyMe iPhone app and create an account
  2. Scan your key(s)
  3. Share your key(s) with keys@getmaid.com, using the e-mail share feature in your digital keychain in the KeyMe app
  4. Note in the special instructions section while booking that you’ve shared your key with KeyMe

If you're not going to be home, just please remember to leave special instructions for your maid either in the app or on the counter!

How much does Get Maid cost?

Our service costs $45 per hour, which includes tax, eco-friendly supplies AND tip. Every apartment is different and the length of your clean will depend on what you want (and how messy you are!). For reference, it takes between 2-3 hours on average to clean an entire studio or 1 bedroom.

When will my credit card be charged?

Only after your cleaning is complete. When your maid leaves, your card will be charged and you will receive a receipt via email.

Will I always have the same maid?

If you've had a maid you like (i.e. you rated highly) and they are available and nearby, we will automatically send them. However, in order to provide cleanings on-demand, we aren't able to guarantee we'll send you the same maid every time. But don't worry - all of our maids are trained to the same high standards, so you can be sure that you will receive a Get Maid quality clean every time!

I already have a maid who comes regularly. Is Get Maid still for me?

Yes! Get Maid is perfect for those times you need a clean in between scheduled appointments. Surprise visit from the in-laws? Impromptu party? Upcoming date? We'll be there no matter when you need us. We can also do tasks your regular maid may not, like cleaning the fridge or that extra-gunky oven.

Do I have to have an Android or iPhone to use Get Maid?

No. While we only have apps for Android and iPhone, you can also book an appointment by visiting GetMaid.com on any internet-enabled phone or desktop computer.

Should I tip my maid?

Put your wallet away! No need to tip, as it’s included in the rate. But to ensure continued quality service, please do make sure to respond to the feedback text once the cleaning is finished – this is how we identify and reward our top maids!

Is it possible to cancel a booking?

Yes, you can cancel your on-demand clean within 10 minutes of booking (not 10 minutes before the cleaning!) or your scheduled clean up to 24 hours before it's supposed to take place. If you cancel after more than 10 minutes or less than 24 hours before your schedule clean, you will be charged a $20 cancellation fee. If you do need to cancel, just press "Cancel Booking" on the booking confirmation page, respond to our text message, or email us at help@getmaid.com.

How do I get started?

First, sign up in a few easy steps through our app or on the web. Once you've created your account, you enter your address and payment information and can book any time by clicking “Book Maid Now” on the app or mobile website. Expect your doorbell to ring within two hours!

I have an idea, suggestion, or other question. Where can I reach you?

Feel free to email us anytime at help@getmaid.com.

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Our maids use all-natural cleaning supplies and come with everything but a vacuum, broom, and mop.