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Get Maid Green Cleaning Tip: Reusable Pads for Swiffer Wet-Jet

Posted on March 27, 2013

At Get Maid, we take our role of being a green cleaning service seriously, which is why our maids bring eco-friendly cleaning products with them and it’s included in the price. One of the things our maids don’t carry with them though is a mop, as we’ve found most of our customers already have one or a Swiffer. Swiffers are great for small spaces and quick cleaning, but constantly throwing away and replacing the pads gets costly quickly and isn't very eco-friendly. Here are two alternative ways to cut down on waste and save some money with reusable swiffer pads.

Total-Reach Microfiber Quick and Clean Cloth

Total-Reach Microfiber Quick and Clean Cloths are available at Home Depot, work well with both Dry and Wet Swiffers, and are machine washable. A two-pack can be purchased for about the same price as a box of Swiffer pads, and the savings really add up over time as you wash and reuse the pads.

DIY Reusable Clean ClothThere’s a great DIY option at Instructables.com to make your own reusable Swiffer wet-jet pads with supplies you can get in the dollar store. It only takes a few minutes to make each pad and can save you even bigger bucks.

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