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Coming back to your apartment after Sandy? Here are some ways to get your place back in shape

Posted on November 2, 2012

While Hurricane Sandy has passed, the effects are still here. For those lucky enough to have apartments and homes to come back to this weekend, here are a few tips to get your place back in order.

  1. Clean out your fridge! It’s important to throw out food that spoiled during the outage and give your fridge and freezer a full clean to prevent bacteria growth and a bad odor. A full freezer with the door closed will stay cold for only 48 hours after power goes out. For more tips, see the USDA’s post about food safety and About.com’s fridge cleaning tips.
  2. Clean any places you left with standing water (e.g. toilet).
  3. Seal and organize any “hurricane food” you opened and left behind.
  4. Check if it’s ok to drink water from the faucet. Mayor Bloomberg said water in NYC is safe, but check with your local government about the water in your area.

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