We're excited to announce that we've joined Homejoy! Please visit homejoy.com to learn more.
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We're joining Homejoy!

Posted on May 22, 2014

Get Maid is excited to announce it is joining Homejoy, a leading home services platform based in San Francisco and currently servicing over 30 markets across North America and Europe. Homejoy and Get Maid are committed to providing an affordable and reliable platform that is easy-to-use and efficient for clients and cleaning professionals - a “get help” button for all your home care needs.

All Get Maid appointments beyond Friday, May 23rd, 2014 will be cancelled. We apologize for any service interruptions this causes. To make this transition as seamless as possible and ensure the continuity of your cleaning schedule, you can call Homejoy at 1-855-728-4569 or you can set-up a new appointment online by following the instructions in an email sent to the address associated with your Get Maid account.

To learn more about Homejoy and get answers to general questions, please visit support.homejoy.com. If you need help making a new booking, email sales@homejoy.com. If you have any specific inquiries or issues with your account, please email support@homejoy.com.

Thank you for using Get Maid and we look forward to helping you keep your home clean at Homejoy!

Get Maid partners with key copy and sharing app, KeyMe

Posted on January 15, 2014

We work every day to make it effortless for you to have a clean home. We’re happy to announce that we’re taking it one step further through our new partnership with KeyMe. KeyMe is great NYC startup that allows you to copy and share your keys just by taking a photo of them with your iPhone.

Now, whether you have a doorman or not, you never again have to worry about scheduling your Get Maid clean around when you’ll be home. By partnering with KeyMe, we’ve made the process of providing us a copy of your keys incredibly simple. To share a copy of your key with us:

  1. Download the KeyMe iPhone app and create an account
  2. Scan your key(s)
  3. Share your key(s) with keys@getmaid.com, using the e-mail share feature in your digital keychain in the KeyMe app
  4. Note in the special instructions section while booking that you’ve shared your key with KeyMe

There’s no extra charge to share a copy of your key when booking with Get Maid, and all keys will be kept safe at Get Maid in between cleans.

Plus, use the code getmaid to get 25% off your first purchase at KeyMe.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!

Dusting your home has many benefits. Here's some tips to do it right.

Posted on July 22, 2013

We all know that dust can make your otherwise lovely home look and feel dirty. But did you know there are important health benefits from dusting? Those little particles can aggravate your allergies and cause other undesirable respiratory effects. This happens because some dust is actually pollen, mold and other nasty specs of dirtiness. Needless to say, these are things you and your family do not want to be breathing in day after day.

Also, here's a fun fact for the day: The average person can shed over a pound of skin every year.  Where does all that skin go?  That's right, it becomes dust.  Gross.  All the more reason to dust regularly!

Here are three simple tips to dusting your home properly:

  1. The order in which you clean matters.  If you are going to vacuum and dust, make sure you vacuum after you dust so you can suck up all the particles you just dusted off onto the floor.
  2. Use a vacuum with an upholstery nozzle to remove all the dust that has settled on covered furniture.  Also, don't forget to use this technique on your mattress, the bed is an often ignored dust stronghold.
  3. Reduce the amount of dusting you have to do in the future by using any of the following preventative measures: close windows, replace your air filters often, use door mats or purchase an air purifier.

Swiffer dusters are great for quick and convenient dusting, but they can be quite wasteful. Try some reusable and eco-friendly alternatives to swiffer dusters as well. And if you don't have the time to take on all that dust yourself, Get Maid always has you covered. Simply book one of our maids and say goodbye to your dust bunnies.

How should you be paying for maid service? Hourly vs fixed pricing.

Posted on April 12, 2013

When it comes to finding a cleaning service, cost is often on the top of people’s minds. Before we launched Get Maid, we researched many different pricing options and found cleaning services typically charge by the hour or a fixed price. After considering all the options, we decided to go with an all-inclusive, flexible hourly rate. We thought it would be helpful to explain why we feel this model is best for both our customers and us. First, here are the details of how much our maids cost:

  • $45 per hour - tax, tip for the maid, and eco-friendly supplies included (we only ask you provide a vacuum, mop, and broom)
  • No minimum time required
  • Set priorities and a time limit
  • Pro-rated and rounded down to the nearest 5 minutes (e.g. if a clean takes 2 hours, 34 minutes, we charge for 2 hours, 30 minutes)

We think our pricing model is better than other hourly or fixed price options for three reasons:

One fully-inclusive hourly price makes it easy to figure out the actual total cost. There’s no filling out long forms or doing math to factor in hidden costs for extra service. Want something extra? No problem, it just costs the extra time it takes to complete. Not sure how much to tip or don’t have cash on you? Don’t worry, it’s already included in the rate. We don’t hide our prices behind a “contact us for pricing information” page or add on extra charges for things like supplies.

Ever wonder what you should do if you have a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment, but only want the common areas cleaned? Whether it’s a quick spruce up of the kitchen and bathroom or a full overhaul of the entire place, our prorated hourly pricing lets you choose what you want done and only pay for what you use, not a penny more.

We believe that it’s important to work with the best maids and pay them fairly. Our all-inclusive rate ensures we can pay well above average and attract only premium maids. By collecting a 1-5 star rating after every clean, we can reward our highly rated maids and maintain top quality. Cleaners who are inefficient or are low-quality would rate poorly and be removed from our platform.

While this isn’t to say this is the perfect solution and we won’t ever update or amend how we charge for services, we think we’ve come up with the ideal way to make it easy and affordable to get high-quality maid service.

Schedule maid service in advance, one-click recurring appointments, and expansion into Queens

Posted on April 3, 2013

When we launched Get Maid, we set out to make it easier to find and book a maid. For the first time ever, it became possible to have a maid at your door within two hours at the touch of a button. This was perfect for last minute cleans or busy people on-the-go, but we also know sometimes it’s good to plan ahead. It’s been a busy few weeks here at Get Maid, and we’re excited to announce several updates.

Schedule maid service up to one month in advance
Now, you can book a maid for 8:00am-7:00pm up to one month in advance. Don't worry, you can still book 9:30am-6:00pm and have a maid at your door within two hours.

One-click recurring service
When scheduling an appointment, you can automatically have it recur weekly or biweekly with the touch of a button. Combined with a monthly subscription, it's never been easier or more affordable to book a regular cleaning.

View, edit, and change appointments easily
On your account page, you can quickly see when your next appointment is. Click on any appointment to see the full details or cancel it.

Make sure to get the latest versions of our iPhone and Android apps, or log into GetMaid.com to use the new scheduling tools.

New coverage areas
Get Maid is expanding in Brooklyn and opening up in Queens. We’ve added the follow zip codes in Brooklyn, Long Island City, Sunnyside, and Astoria: 11103, 11104, 11106, 11109, and 11205. Remember, we’re also available anywhere in Manhattan and many other neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions at help@getmaid.com.

Get Maid Staff

Get Maid Green Cleaning Tip: Reusable Pads for Swiffer Wet-Jet

Posted on March 27, 2013

At Get Maid, we take our role of being a green cleaning service seriously, which is why our maids bring eco-friendly cleaning products with them and it’s included in the price. One of the things our maids don’t carry with them though is a mop, as we’ve found most of our customers already have one or a Swiffer. Swiffers are great for small spaces and quick cleaning, but constantly throwing away and replacing the pads gets costly quickly and isn't very eco-friendly. Here are two alternative ways to cut down on waste and save some money with reusable swiffer pads.

Total-Reach Microfiber Quick and Clean Cloth

Total-Reach Microfiber Quick and Clean Cloths are available at Home Depot, work well with both Dry and Wet Swiffers, and are machine washable. A two-pack can be purchased for about the same price as a box of Swiffer pads, and the savings really add up over time as you wash and reuse the pads.

DIY Reusable Clean ClothThere’s a great DIY option at Instructables.com to make your own reusable Swiffer wet-jet pads with supplies you can get in the dollar store. It only takes a few minutes to make each pad and can save you even bigger bucks.

Hey NYC! Get your apartment ready for spring with our cleaning checklist.

Posted on March 20, 2013

It may not feel like it quite yet (particularly since it’s only 45 degrees in New York!), but spring is officially here! If you’re like us, your home could use a little sprucing up after winter (especially this winter!), so we’re here to make spring cleaning a little easier. We’ve put together a basic spring cleaning checklist to help get your place back in shape!

  • Deep cleaning: spring cleaning is the perfect time for those tasks you put off all winter. This includes dusting shelves, closets, and cabinets. Make sure to clean out the interior of the refrigerator and oven and giving your tub a deep scrub.
  • Storing winter gear: Once the weather is consistently warmer, you can put away your thick coats and sweaters until next year. This will give you more room to put your spring and summer clothes front and center as well as some additional benefits.
  • Bedding: Take a few minutes during spring cleaning to inspect your mattress. Many mattresses should be flipped at least once a year.
  • Decluttering and donating: We all have the tendency to collect a lot of stuff we don’t need. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get rid of all the junk and start fresh. You’ll be surprised how much cleaner your home looks once you reduce the clutter. When you’re cleaning out your closets and drawers, separate items into two sections: keep and donate. Good rule of thumb: If you haven’t used something in the last 12 months, donate it to charity or someone who will!
  • Outdoor space: If you have outdoor space, there is a good chance you have ignored it over the last few months. You’ll be hosting barbeques in no time, so make sure that you tidy up your balcony or deck. If you live in Brooklyn and are lucky enough to have a yard, make sure to bag up leaves and clear downed branches.  

Spend some time getting your place ready for spring -- you’ll be glad you did! Of course, Get Maid is here if you need a little help. Sign up and book with the code SpringClean anytime before April 15 for $25 off a spring deep clean. Also, if you have a friend that never gets around to cleaning, help them out with a Get Maid gift!

Holiday schedule

Posted on December 24, 2012

We know the holiday season can be a little hectic, particularly if you have family and friends coming over. We’re here to help make your place look great and take cleaning off your hands. We’ll be open every day this holiday season, except for the following:

  • We’ll be closing early today at 4:30PM
  • We’ll be closed for Christmas day

So if you need a last minute clean today, later this week, or to clean up the mess at your amazing New Years party, just book with our iPhone/Android apps or on GetMaid.com!

Have a clean and happy holidays!

Get Maid Staff

‘Tis the Season: Give the Gift of Clean

Posted on December 18, 2012

It’s that time of year again. Holiday parties, eggnog, and gift buying! Well, we’re making last minute shopping as easy as booking on Get Maid. Whether it’s your friend, significant other, or a student, give them a gift they can really use – the gift of clean.

From a quick touch up to a full overhaul after the best New Years Eve party ever, there is a Get Maid gift package for everyone.

As with every Get Maid clean, your lucky giftee will be able to get an on-demand, high-quality clean. They can book online or from their phone and have a maid at their door within two hours!

Have a clean and happy holidays!

Get Maid Staff

The wait is over. Get Maid is launching publicly in NYC.

Posted on December 5, 2012

After months of private beta, we’re launching to the public today! We’d like to thank everyone who helped shape Get Maid during our beta period and welcome all those hearing about us for the first time. Starting today, anyone can sign up via our iPhone orAndroid apps as well as our newly launched desktop and mobile website. Cleans are available anywhere in Manhattan and select parts of Brooklyn, with new areas coming soon.

For those new to Get Maid, we’re the first and only on-demand, premium maid service. As more aspects of our daily lives enter the on-demand world — from movies to hotel booking to black cars — there’s no reason the housecleaning industry should be stuck in the past. Get Maid introduces the maid industry to our growing on-demand culture by enabling you to book instantly from our iPhone/Android apps or GetMaid.com and have a maid at your door within two hours. We’re able to do this because all our maids are equipped with location-enabled smartphones, which enables us to route them to the closest jobs most efficiently.

And since just using new technologies doesn’t automatically make for better maid service, all Get Maid cleaners are extensively vetted for quality and background checked. We want you to be confident that every clean will be of the highest-quality, so we only work with maids that we have paid to clean and would pay again. We do the trial and error for you to find the best maids, and if we bring them onto our platform, we train, bond, and insure them.

We’re excited about this launch and look forward to helping you keep your apartment clean! Sign up today on our iPhone or Android apps or at GetMaid.com. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know at help@getmaid.com.

Get Maid Staff

Coming back to your apartment after Sandy? Here are some ways to get your place back in shape

Posted on November 2, 2012

While Hurricane Sandy has passed, the effects are still here. For those lucky enough to have apartments and homes to come back to this weekend, here are a few tips to get your place back in order.

  1. Clean out your fridge! It’s important to throw out food that spoiled during the outage and give your fridge and freezer a full clean to prevent bacteria growth and a bad odor. A full freezer with the door closed will stay cold for only 48 hours after power goes out. For more tips, see the USDA’s post about food safety and About.com’s fridge cleaning tips.
  2. Clean any places you left with standing water (e.g. toilet).
  3. Seal and organize any “hurricane food” you opened and left behind.
  4. Check if it’s ok to drink water from the faucet. Mayor Bloomberg said water in NYC is safe, but check with your local government about the water in your area.

To help lighten the load a bit, through Monday, we’ll clean the inside of your fridge/freezer for FREE. Just book a maid like you normally would and we’ll clean your fridge off the clock. If you want just your fridge cleaned, add “Fridge only” in the special instructions when booking.

Throwing a Halloween party this weekend? Win a free post-party cleanup!

Posted on October 26, 2012

Throwing a Halloween party? We’re giving away a FREE clean on Sunday to the winner of our Halloweekend House Party Contest.

To enter:

  1. Take a photo that shows off your Halloween house party at its best. (We’re leaving this open-ended. It could be the aftermath, the best costume, the crowd. Be as creative as you’d like.)
  2. Like Get Maid on Facebook so we can track entries.
  3. Post the photo to your wall and tag Get Maid by 11:00am Sunday.

We’ll notify the winner by noon on Sunday. Everyone who enters will get $20 off if they book a maid on Sunday (we wouldn’t leave you hanging!).

Happy Halloween,
Get Maid Staff

PS If you haven’t signed up for Get Maid yet, sign up with invite code Halloween today!

Android: Meet the Future of Maid Service

Posted on October 18, 2012

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Get Maid Android app. As always, you can book instantly from your phone and have a maid at your door within two hours. Get Maid is $45 per hour, includes tip and all-natural cleaning supplies, billed to your credit card. Book anytime 9:30am-6pm, seven days a week. You can get the Android app here.

Sign up with invite code GMAndroid and book today to get $20 off your first clean.

You really need to Get Maid. Get our iPhone app today!

Posted on October 10, 2012

After months in private alpha, we’re excited to announce the Get Maid iPhone app is now available. We’re opening up the service to more people as well, so make sure to get the app today!

Get Maid is NYC’s only on-demand, premium maid service. If you’ve tried to find and book a good maid in NYC, you know how frustrating it can be. We make it as easy as pushing a button on your phone. Book instantly from your phone (iPhone app or mobile web) and have a maid at your door within two hours. It’s $45/hour, tip and all-natural supplies included (all you need is a vacuum/mop/broom). Our maids are extensively vetted for quality, background checked, bonded, and insured. Even better, it’s billed directly to your credit card, so put your cash away! You can book anytime 9:30am-6:00pm, seven days a week.

If you sign up and book with invite code “GMBlog” within the next week, we’ll give you an automatic $20 credit on your first clean.

It’s time to clean Up New York

Posted on August 5, 2012

Get Maid is an on-demand, premium maid service.

Book instantly on your phone and have a maid at your door within two hours. It’s $45/hour, tip and all-natural cleaning supplies included, and it’s automatically billed to your credit card, making it the easiest clean you’ll ever have.

We’re not live yet, but we will be soon. Request your invite today.

Enter your email address for $20 off your first clean. It's time to Get Maid.

Thanks! Sign up and book today with code GMWelcome for $20 off your first clean.

Book on-demand 9:30am-6:00pm or schedule for 8:00am-7:00pm, seven days a week.
Our maids use all-natural cleaning supplies and come with everything but a vacuum, broom, and mop.